How to Live an EPIC Life

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On Sunday, October 19th, we’re launching a 2 part series on how to live an epic life.  Tired of ordinary?  This series is for you!  We’ll give you four things that will make your life … Read More

The Focus of “Us”

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Last week, we started a new series at Mercy Vineyard called “Us” where we talk about our church, our culture, our passion, our power, and our potential. It’s no secret, I really love our church.  … Read More

A Season of Prayer

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This week had been a time of prayer and fasting for Mercy Vineyard Church. There’s just something really special that happens when people make a decision to set aside the routine of life and fast … Read More

A Kids Camp That Will Write History

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I am super excited to announce that Mercy Vineyard Church is partnering with Royal Family Kids Camps to put on a camp for abused and neglected foster children. We have raised the money to put … Read More

Goats in Uganda

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Hey Mercy Friends! I just wanted to pass these pictures along to you just as soon as I got them.  They are of the goats and land that we purchased for the His Grace Orphanage … Read More

3 Dangerous Prayers

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This Sunday we launch one of the most important sermon series we’ve ever done.  Are you ready?  

The Gift of HENS??

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Hey Friends! This year we have the honor of helping a small orphanage in Western Uganda change the lives of a group of homeless children. We are raising $6,000 to buy 200 hens, pus materials … Read More

Clean Water for All!!

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Hey Mercy Vineyard! I just wanted to update you all on the clean water project we initiated during the 2011 Advent season. The good news is that we were able to give the church in … Read More

Remember to Be the Hope!

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Hey Mercy Vineyard! It has been such a joy to share Advent with you all!  Excitement rises up inside me as we anticipate the presence of Jesus in our lives and look forward to His … Read More