The Gift of HENS??

Mercy VineyardBlog

Hey Friends!

This year we have the honor of helping a small orphanage in Western Uganda change the lives of a group of homeless children.

We are raising $6,000 to buy 200 hens, pus materials and labor to build hen houses. These hens will help to feed the 50+ orphans from the His Grace Orphanage in Burora. They will also produce eggs for the orphanage to sell and help finance the orphanage. In fact, 100 eggs a day would completely finance their entire ministry.  They would actually be a self sustaining ministry because of these hens!

His Grace was started by Lazarus Piaranga in 2007 as a response to the the homeless children living in rural communities in Uganda. Many of them were abandoned or orphaned when sick parents passed away. Lazarus believes, that by meeting the spiritual and physical needs of these children, he is helping to raise up the next generation of leaders in Uganda for God’s glory.  These hens can completely change their lives!

Please consider giving a gift to help supply these hens.  Even $10 would make a huge difference.  Just go to and click “Give Now”.  Then Choose “Burora Orphanage Uganda” from the dropdown list.

Thanks in advance for being on this mission with us!