Clean Water for All!!

Mercy VineyardBlog

Hey Mercy Vineyard!

I just wanted to update you all on the clean water project we initiated during the 2011 Advent season.

The good news is that we were able to give the church in Manyetta, Kenya enough money to drill down until they reached water.  They are not able to install a pump yet, but villagers are able to lower buckets down with a rope to gather clean, drinkable water!

One amazing thing is the number of people who have given their lives to Jesus, in Manyetta, simply because they were so touched by the love and generosity shown to them by Fishers of Men (The organization in the field, doing all the work).  Because we were able to help them get water, many lives are being changed and the church is now packed!  It’s amazing what a little generosity can do!!

I’ve attached some pictures of the well in action to this post.

Stay available to Jesus!  Your life is making a difference!