The Focus of “Us”

Mercy VineyardBlog

Last week, we started a new series at Mercy Vineyard called “Us” where we talk about our church, our culture, our passion, our power, and our potential.

It’s no secret, I really love our church.  I think we have amazing people, a great culture, and a God-given focus and passion.

On Sunday, I talked about how our church is focused upward and outward.  I really believe that’s where God wants us to turn our attention.  Upward towards Him and outward towards the world He’s placed us in.  In my experience, that’s the BEST place to put our focus.  What happens when we turn our energy and focus inward?  WE become the focus of our lives.  WE become our greatest cause.  When it all becomes about us, then cannibalism creeps in.  We crave what only we want, even if it means disregarding others.  Even if it means feeding off of each other through gossip, backbiting, and church politics.  Yuck!

I love being a part of an outwardly focused church!  I love that, even though we are still a new church, we have done much to help others.

Every time we’ve stepped out in faith to bless others, God has met the need.  We wanted to build a well in Kenya, and God provided the $7,000 to do it.  We wanted to buy goats and land for an orphanage in Uganda, and God provided the $6,000 needed for that.  We stepped out to put on a camp for abused and neglected foster children, and God came through with the $25,000 we needed!!

This is what happens when we have proper focus!  God partners with us and His Kingdom is advanced!

Can I challenge you?  Examine your focus today.  Is it too much on yourself?  Are you afraid to step out and shift your focus upward and outward?  Don’t let fear stand in your way.  Develop an “others mindedness” and watch God work in your life and through your life!  It’s an amazing shift that you’ll never regret.

See you Sunday!

Living a passionate mission,