Remember to Be the Hope!

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Hey Mercy Vineyard!

It has been such a joy to share Advent with you all!  Excitement rises up inside me as we anticipate the presence of Jesus in our lives and look forward to His awesome return.  It’s so freeing to know that it’s OK to get our hopes up.  He is faithful!

Last Sunday we talked about hope and how God uses us to bring hope to others.  Isn’t it great that God sends US when He wants to bless people?  We get to BE the hope others are longing for!

This Sunday we have the honor of being the hope for a village in Africa that really needs clean water.  Remember the Advent video?  More people die from lack of clean water than almost anything else.

We’re going to be taking up a special offering that will help to install a clean water well and a pump for that village.  Don’t forget to bring something for them.  It can literally change their lives.  This village is a primarily Muslim village with people coming to Jesus regularly because of the generosity of people like you!

If you prefer, you can give your gift online by going to  Click “give now” and choose “clean water” from the drop-down option.  You can also go directly to your giving page on The City.

Thank you for being such a generous church!  You are bringing life and hope to those who don’t have any!