At Mercy Vineyard, we’ve launched three exciting classes to help you lay a strong foundation, mature as a believer, and equip you to lead others.

Roots (Next class starts October 5th)

What do I believe as a Christian?

This four week class looks at eight core beliefs that a follower of Christ needs to understand:
What is the Bible?
Who is God?
Who is Jesus?
Who is the Holy Spirit?
What is man?
What is salvation?
What is the church?
and What’s going to happen when Jesus comes back?

Whether you’re a seeker, a new believer, or a seasoned Christian, you’ll enjoy these foundational teachings brought in a fresh way.

Growth (Next class starts November 9th)

How do I grow as a Christian?

This four week class will cover seven disciplines that will create the conditions in you for God to move in your life and bring spiritual maturity.


We highly recommend the growth class for anyone desiring to draw closer to Jesus and grow in their faith.

Branches (Next Class Starts January 4th)

How do I lead as a Christian?

This six week class instructs how to lead others with integrity, meekness, and vision.  It’s a powerful leadership course based on Randy Sims’ book “The Greatest Among You”.

If you’re looking to become a better leader, this class is for you!