Leadership Integrity Checkup

Mercy VineyardBlog, Leadership

Last Wednesday night, we continued our leadership series (called branches) by talking about integrity.

Integrity means soundness, being undivided.  It asks the question, “Who are you when no one is looking?”  “Are you the same person at church that you at work, at home, at the store?”

In construction terms, a building’s integrity is what makes it solid and holds it together and it’s all the stuff people CAN’T see.  Beneath all the drywall, paint, and fixtures is all the hidden steel and concrete that keeps that structure from falling apart.  It gives people confidence that it will shelter them from the elements.

So, as a leader, where have you been making your investments?

In the externals; the things that make people oooh and ahh over you?  Your persona (possessions, positions, pleasures, and popularity)?

Or are you investing in your character?  Are you being honest with God and others?  Are you getting alone with God to let him transform you?

Here’s a quick self evaluation that might help you out:

Is your reputation consistent? Do your church friends say the same things about you as your employees, your children, or your spouse?

Do you spend lots of time on externals (shopping, primping, managing your reputation) and find little time for internals (reading, prayer, serving, giving)?

Are you always honest? Do you tell the truth even when it may cost you a promotion or your reputation?

Are you faithful with small things? You may not get caught, but stealing cable TV, copying CDs, and downloading software illegally is still wrong and shows a lack of integrity.

How do you handle correction? When someone corrects you, do you get angry, defensive, or faultfinding with the other person?

As leaders, integrity gives people confidence in following us.  It’s a quality that’s desperately needed in church leadership, and a quality that brings great glory and honor to God!