Prayer is Where the Action is At!

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“Prayer is where the action is at.”  That’s one of my favorite John Wesley quotes!  When you think about it, it’s so true.

There’s a lot that goes into planting a church and Mercy Vineyard Church of the Quad Cities is no exception.  It takes people, space, money, and boatloads of resources.  We have a great support system, a solid organization behind us, a wonderful “mother” church, and the kick-butt’nest launch team a new church could ask for.  But you know what?  Those things, although necessary, fall flat without lots of prayer.

Billy Graham was once asked what was needed for a successful ministry.  His answer was, “Prayer, prayer, and more prayer.”  His example showed that to be absolutely true.

A couple of weeks ago, we made a last minute decision to turn our launch team meeting into a prayer meeting.  We prayed for our city and our church, and we took some time just to tell God how awesome He is.  It was wonderful!  It’s the times we cry out to God, on our own and when we’re together, that are going to release God’s power to work in and through us.

Andrew Murray once wrote, “The man who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelism in history.”  What a powerful statement!  Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was said of us that our prayers made the greatest contribution to evangelizing the Quad Cities in history?  Now THAT gets me excited!!

Let me encourage you to make the time to pray for Mercy Vineyard.  Pray that the lost, the hurting, and the addicted come and find Jesus.  Pray for God to move in our launch team meetings and in our services this September.

I’ll be praying with you!